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3 Phase Building Digital Transformation Approach

What is Digital Transformation of Building

As per Wikipedia: 

Digital transformation (DX) is the adoption of digital technology by a company. Common reasons for its implementation are to improve efficiency, value or innovation.

Nowadays there is a lot of buzz about integrating digital technology in facility management to change how we operate and deliver value to the customer. Transformation is a cultural change in an organization to continually experiment, and challenge the status quo.

Bringing your facility on digital platforms like CAFM, CMMS, give tools to facility team like:

  • Real-time information to different stakeholders enables quick decisions based on data.
  • Searching and tracking details about assets, work orders, maintenance, breakdowns.
  • Save on Maintenance Cost by analyzing the right time of replacement
  • Move towards greener building while saving energy by running power consuming assets optimally

Smart Buildings with CAFM CMMS System IoT AI

Why Phase wise Digital Transformation to Smart Buildings

Some sort of digital tools are already being used.

What? Yes – Excel Sheet is also Digital !!

You can plan your digital journey:

  • Complete Advance Digitization in one go or
  • Phase-wise digitization.

Baby steps give us a slight edge over yesterday and are easy to take without changing the entire environment and team

Benefits of Phase wise Digitization

Some benefits of Phase wise implementation includes:

  • Better planning and use of resources
  • Employees comfortable with small increments
  • Less Risk & Cost
  • Focused and Measurable Benefits

Now, let’s see how can we plan different phases of digital transformation.

3 Phases for Facility Management Digital Transformation

Phase 1 – Start using CAFM or CMMS

The first step for any transformation is very important. This is the base of the digital transformation journey. Some facility operations that we can move to digital are:

  • Digital Asset Registers
  • E-Checklists
  • PM Schedules
  • Asset Tagging
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • AMC
  • Compliances

Key takers of Phase 1

  • Move towards sustainability through Paperless Operations
  • The first step towards digitalization
  • The base of future technological advancement.
  • The team get started and feel digital operations

Phase 2 – Real-Time Monitoring of Critical Assets

You can’t eat an elephant in one bite. The 80-20 principal make things handy or more impactful. The¬†Pareto principle¬†states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes (the ‚Äúvital few‚ÄĚ)

We can select few critical assets like:

  • HVAC or Air conditioning System
  • Transformers,¬†
  • UPS, etc.

and start tracking them in real-time. IoT or Edges can be exploited for getting trends of power usage and other maintenance-related parameters.

iot implementation in buildings

Phase 3- Predictive Maintenance Digitize all that is required

In the last phase, we digitize what else is useful to be on the wire. This includes:

  • Other Assets, left out in 2nd phase
  • Inventories or spare parts
  • Tracking Process KPIs

In 3rd phase focus is on data-driven decisions and getting the best out of AI, ML & IoT implementations.


Phase-wise implementation not only minimizes risk but also gives us the necessary cooling period to adapt and enjoy the maximum fruits of digitization. CAFM, IoT vendors need to work closely with the Facility team to make this much-needed transformation a SUCCESS.

Digitize Facility Maintenance

FACTECH provides Kaizen CAFM system to transform your operations digitally.

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