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This is a best practices guide for facility management professionals looking to know more about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to deal with the outbreak in the workplace, both in terms of prevention, and containment in case of infection.

Being in charge of the maintenance of buildings, organisations and, most importantly, people, it is the responsibility of facility managers to take action towards implementing the right prevention and containment strategies in the workplace. Not sure how you can do this? We’re here to help! Prevention against COVID-19 includes:


  • Reducing staff’s physical interactions
  • Reducing physical proximity of staff
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Keeping everyone informed


1. Reducing staff’s physical interactions-

This can be achieved by assigning (or adjusting) shifts, installing
measures for remote working, and other flexible work arrangements.

 With iSocietymanager advance complaint management system with features like Auto Roaster (auto assign feature) now it is like a dream comes true for you. Residents can raise maintenance requests through the iSocietymanager app. Instead of placing a phone call and leaving a verbal complaint with the association, using the app gives the benefit that it raises a ticket and the request gets assigned automatically to technician and without wasting time your complaint gets attended. This sets a whole protocol into motion and even helps MCs track complaints better and escalate them needed.


2.Reducing physical proximity of staff

Facility managers should take measures to reduce the density of staff in the same space.
For instance, employees should not exceed 50% of the maximum capacity of elevators, nor
should they be working in spaces smaller than 2.5 square meters each,

Hence using iSocietymanager Mobile App based Face recognition smart attendance system which is a totally contactless attendance based system without any touch keeping you safe.


3. Cleaning and disinfecting

Cleaning routines should be reinforced during the outbreak in order to reduce the likelihood
of survival of the virus on surfaces and objects. The team responsible for cleaning should be
educated on the subject, and the procedures and specific products to be used should be

Scheduled Sensitization and online tracking system with checklisting feature of ISM can help. Also, Inventory of amount of disposable items like masks, gloves etc and sanitizers etc can be traced and can be ordered through ISM’s inventory management modules.


4.Keeping everyone informed

Place posters with rules and recommendations about hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing,
as well as instructions on what to do in case an employee suspects of an infection. Keep an online notices and circulars digiboard to keep residents informed about the new norms of lockdowns through iSocietyManager’s notice and Circulars modules.

Also, keep an opinion of residents through our survey and polling features to make decision without any public gatherings.

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