How many times you have to call the support of a facility solution provider and how irritating it becomes at times when for a very small thing you have wait for days.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Slight change in the bill template
  • Receipt format change.
  • modification in look and feel of the facility dashboard.
  • New custom tariff to be added
  • enable or disable OTP verification
  • Add/remove SMS broadcast for some operation.

How easy it seems in mind but when you call your vendor a completely different and frightening face of reality appears. To change a bill template format they demand customisation charge along with a fortnight time.

‘Man… I don’t have a fortnight time as I will miss my billing cycle and cannot raise bill since this is a new tax update from the authority’, you yell in your mind but in vain. On the top of it why should I shell such amounts for very trivial things every time. It seems unethical.

These are everyday problems with no solution, so here comes the concept of software design.

Little advise to solution developers, why the design should be so complicated and messed up that for every small thing you need to put in lots of efforts?

If proper attention is given in software design phase and the structure is clean and modular then majority of task is done and the life of solution provider as well as end-user is saved from hell of endless problems. If my modules are well defined and well-connected, then I have enhanced the portability and maintainability of the whole system which will pay huge dividends when in practical use.

Let me come out of this inner-software part and tell you in easy terms what it all means. Well, in easy terms it is called ‘quality’. If a solution provider’s intentions are good, team is efficient and he doesn’t want to indulge in vanity, he will give you an easy interface to customise more than 80% of such daily issues in the system yourself without a need to call support every time.

So, do keep these things in mind while taking a demo of a particular facility management solution as it would definitely save you from long term rattling and frustrating problems.

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