Society is the backbone of human nature and so are our residential habits and interactions. Over 90 percent time of our day goes into environmental and social interactions. Either we are shopping, trading, going for lunch/dinner, getting services like medical, repairs, or even paying bills, we are basically wantingly or unwantigly dealing with outer resources. It is a bitter reality but true that we have to accept unsatisfactory services more than 50 percent of the time.

So here arises a question- can I get local services with much-improved credibility and trust of the quality along with easy availability. If I am a society manager then it becomes a major challenge to recommend quality vendors. iScoietymanager solve this puzzle by integrating all the three entities in a mutually win-win way:

  1. Resident
  2. Facility management
  3. Vendors and service providers.

First of all, a resident can post a classified ad to buy or sell among the internal community members. Consider the practical problem of selling old furniture in a rush when you are shifting to some other city and don’t want to carry all things along. If you are able to put pictures of the items on your society app and let your fellow resident see if they want something, it becomes least time-taking and convenient as both buyers and sellers are available at the same location. Also, the level of trust and comfort is much more.

Further, if you can order groceries at discounted prices from your society app, pay your telephone bills with additional coupons, order your medicines with more benefits, etc. it is like an icing on the cake.

Next, let’s consider the case of Management. Well, they can select the vendors who have better ratings based on their past performances. Users can always rate the services of service providers and vendors, thus helping managers with more knowledge and information on vendor selection. Also, they can generate more revenues by charging some commission in the transaction taking place between the resident and vendors and also among residents. or they can sell advertisement space based on listings leading to increased collections.

Finally, what is in store for vendors- firstly vendors can track their performance and try to improve it over time in an attempt to get more business. Then, vendors get an opportunity to increase the scale of their business as they can be recommended to other ISM societies if their service quality has been good for a continuous period. Finally, vendors get a benefit of increased market share in society as residents will buy more from them due to a trust factor provided by the sense of their name associated with society app and management.

ISM ‘nearby’ in a true sense enhances the social aspect of a residential society by providing convenience, benefits, trust, and on the top quality. It lets you connect and deal with your local environment in the most efficient and satisfactory way and helps you avoid bad experiences. At the same time, it empowers society management in making good decisions and a chance of increasing revenues. Last but not the least, vendors are inspired to improve their service level in addition to letting them grow their market and market share.

Isn’t it a win-win situation for all the three stakeholders?


2 thoughts on “An effective nearby platform on the society App- ISM

  1. It can be good feature for the Society, especially when people are preferring social distancing.

    Punit Mathur

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