Author: Aman Nigam

Keep Track of your Night Security-Guard patrolling module

IoT is the technology that drives automation and is changing the world we see now into totally integrated system as a whole. With usage of CCTV, VMS, Boom Barriers for security, we are automating our security as well. But security guards have be there all the time, you want to know how the are really

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4 Things that ensures contact less day-to-day operations at your society-iSocietyManager

This is a best practices guide for facility management professionals looking to know more about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to deal with the outbreak in the workplace, both in terms of prevention, and containment in case of infection. Being in charge of the maintenance of buildings, organisations and, most importantly, people, it is

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Keeping track of your allocated budget vs expenses through single dashboard

Keeping track of all the finances for operating a site with or within the allocated budget can be stressful at times. Especially during the lockdown times when physical presence for verification is tough, there must be an easy way that keeps all of your budget heads up to date.   If you are the Treasurer

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Manpower Management with ISM to increase team efficiency.

Attendance registers and excel sheets are a thing of 90’s now! With such advancements in technology over the years, everything is automated as of today, so why not managing the manpower? Can you know real time manpower deployment at your different sites in your mobile single dashboard? iSocietyManager advance Manpower management module helps in maintaining

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