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Which is the Best Inventory Management System Software Provider Company?

Today’s apartment complexes are a sky-rising apartment in which the latest facilities are included, which makes it difficult to administer and monitor them.  They run into hundreds and are spread across a vast complex which provides for various features. Hence maintenance and control are activities of utmost importance and vital for a smooth life inside. 

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What are the Top, Efficient and Cost Effective Software for Apartment Management?

You can find so many reports of theft, administrative fraud, accounts manipulation and other such nefarious activities happening in apartment complex administration. The prime reason is staff negligence which leads to such events happening without scrutiny. What if a highly sophisticated and efficient system was put in place to streamline complex housing administration? Wouldn’t that

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Automated real-time visitor management and access control with Isociety Manager

iSocietyManager is a real estate and facilities management software suite for residential and commercial real estate. We obsess about customers and are always looking for ways to delight them with innovation. In our pursuit to delight customers, we recently launched an automated real-time visitor management system for Unitech Heights, Greater Noida. The fact that delights

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Inventory Management Software – Effective Tracking and Control over Stocks for Apartment Complex Maintenance

Investing in an apartment that is part of a hugely modern residential complex is seen as the dream of many. Consequently, you can find some of the most ingeniously designed ones coming up around various metro cities across the country. Along with such development comes the dire need for an efficient system to maintain them

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