Author: Chandrika Murali

Hard vs Soft Inventory Allocation

Hard vs Soft Inventory Allocation Gaining control over your company’s inventory allows you to meet customer demand and minimize supply chain challenges. The key to inventory control is inventory allocation, which is the process of tracking inventory across your network. Your network might include warehouses, distribution centers and brick-and-mortar stores. With the correct allocation of

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Inventory Management Software

How to Choose Best Inventory Management Software | Factech

Best Inventory Management Software Choosing just any platform from the two recommended models doesn’t guarantee you a perfect inventory management software. Each solution is uniquely designed with varying features and functionalities. To find the perfect tool for your organizational setup, you must dig deeper and consider several essential features. How flexible and scalable is the

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Importance of facility digital transformation

Why Digital Transformation Is Needed For Facility Management

Importance of digital transformation facility management The way many organizations run their business is affected by new technology and disruptions. A 2015 global study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte showed that over 90% of respondents anticipate digital trends that are largely or moderately disruptive to their industry. With these developments that shakeup, the

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