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touchless contactless facility management

Touchless Facility Management Service – Facility technology

Touchless Facility Management boost confidence in Property Earlier facilities used to define points where customers visit the most. Facility Managers and Housekeeping supervisors keep special attention to those touchpoints. This was done to ensure that most visited places or points are neat and clean so that customers, tenants, or visitors observe hygienic and clean environments.

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digital transformation

3 Phase Building Digital Transformation Approach

What is Digital Transformation of Building As per Wikipedia:  “Digital transformation (DX) is the adoption of digital technology by a company. Common reasons for its implementation are to improve efficiency, value or innovation.“ Nowadays there is a lot of buzz about integrating digital technology in facility management to change how we operate and deliver value to the

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predictive maintenance

Save Energy Consumption of HVAC with Predictive Maintenance

Growing economic activities are important for a country’s growth. Commercial Buildings infrastructure is critical for any business environment development, which further boosts the economy. Energy efficiency becomes very important for efficient business operations in a building. Air Conditioning System plays a critical role in delighting commercial building users. Whether it is a shopping center, corporate

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disel generator efficency by factech kaizen cafm

What is DG | Measure Your DG Efficiency | Factech

What is DG Efficiency Fuel is the major portion of diesel Genset, owning and operating cost for power applications. Modern diesel plant, at its near-optimal loading ( 65- 70%) generate 3.3 to 3.5 kWh per litre. That is a 30% fuel efficiency ratio. Why measure DG Efficiency? Whether it is an office space, shopping mall,

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best cafm system used by fm companies

Breakdown Maintenance | What is breakdown maintenance

How to do breakdown maintenance effectively? Breakdown maintenance is required due to the continuous use of machine, unit, or device until it breaks down. Breakdown or reactive maintenance is the maintenance performed on a piece of equipment that is not operatable anymore. It cannot be scheduled in advance.FM companies need to redirect resources toward repairs

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