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The main gate of any gated community is the busiest and probably the most chaotic location of a community. In any typical day, the main gate would open about a hundred to thousand times in a day – for cabs, resident vehicles, water tanks and visitor vehicles to move in and out. Hence, for a community of about 500 flats, vehicle management does become a serious concern.

Security is the biggest concern for everyone today. The growing pace of technology has rendered us some great products that have completely transformed security system. Apart from security guards, building complexes and societies are now more inclined towards the use of Morden tools and devices of security like CCTV’s, boom barriers, flap barriers etc. these inventions of modern system are not only safe but also effective too. Unlike security guards who might fail sometimes to perform their duties, boom barrier and CCTV’s work 24*7 leaving no loops open.

Many apartment complexes/gated communities have installed Radio frequency Identification (RFID) based boom barriers, in an attempt to manage the vehicle movement in their society. However, there are certain aspects of this solution that every community must know before installing an RFID based boom barrier. RFID is a small chip and an antenna that is placed together on an electronic device (in this case, boom barrier). RFID is used to establish a unique identity for an object that is scanned to obtain the information. In gated communities, these devices are majorly used with boom barriers to manage vehicle movements and differentiate between resident and visitor vehicles.

The basic working of an RFID based boom barrier

All the resident vehicles have to first register with the management committee and get a RFID tag placed on their vehicle. An RFID reader tag is installed on the boom barrier, which is placed at the entrance of the community. When a car is about to enter the community, the RFID tag on the vehicle is read by the reader tag on the boom barrier and the boom barrier opens, letting the vehicle in. In case of a vehicle that is not registered with the community, the boom barrier will not open.


Can you disable your car’s RFID tag from your mobile?

Today, the need of the hour in vast complexes is protection for residents who run into thousands. With compounds becoming large, security maintenance at the gate has to be stricter, and all vehicle, as well as people entry and exit, must be recorded as and when it occurs. Any manual means of doing this can be time-consuming and can lead to errors. A system means of identification and authorization is implemented through the iSocietymanager boom barrier integration facility.

Boom barrier system integration is one of the most powerful features of this software where in control of the security gate is merged with it such that the gates only open when authorized people or vehicle come inside. This feature makes way for stringent security, peaceful residential life and protection for hundreds of residents inside a vast complex.

The best part is the now iSocietymanager boom barrier integration residents can also block the RFID card from their iSocietymanager resident app after they park their car at their authorised parking. Now if someone tries to take your car outside the main gate then boom barriers will not open and a notification will pop up in resident’s app regarding the movement of the car. With complex gate activities being monitored thoroughly through the software, few security personnels are required, and authorization is thorough.  This feature saves time, cost, and efforts in implementing apartment security but at the same time, it ensures that nothing but the very best is done to control flow and outflow of vehicle and people from the complex.

So to conclude, iSocietymanager Boom barrier integration is now the best tool that gives every resident the power to stop the theft of their car, and rest assured that they are in safe hands while to any type of mishap. Although, alone it’s helpless. But, if you combine with a deadly solution as iSocietymanager then there’s no messing with your businesses ever again.

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