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Apartment Management Software – Run Your Society Activities in a Cost Effective And Secure Way

Today’s apartments are sophisticated residences in which people enjoy a high quality of life. They get the maximum comforts that technology and modernity can provide. However, what noticed is the dire need of efficient management of a large number of apartment complexes in which there are hundreds of residents. Usually, such apartment blocks have societies

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What is a good Society Management Software?

There are many society related apps like iSocietyManager, Mygate, Nobrokerhood, Apartment Adda, Apna Complex. A good society management software should have traits to cover all aspects of society management. What is a good Society Management Software? Cover every aspect of society operations and not only limited to few like visitor management or only complaint management.

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Society Management Software

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How to get started with your Facility Automation System?

Getting Started with your Facility Management System is very simple and quick. You can enter data manually OR bulk upload via an excel sheet. Different types of Actors or Users of System 1. Resident / Customer The resident is the end-user of the system. She gets benefits like increased convenience, security, time-saving, etc. Resident can be

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