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Workplace Housekeeping And It’s Importance

“Good housekeeping means keeping a workspace organized, uncluttered, and free of hazards.” What is workplace housekeeping? The term “workplace housekeeping” refers to the management and upkeep of workplace facilities and appliances. Successful housekeeping can remove certain occupational risks and aid in the completion of a job in a clean and efficient manner. Poor housekeeping may

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How To Improve Your Building Inspection?

Inspections of facilities are a necessary aspect of doing business, and the safest way to do them is with foresight, experience, and preparation. To reduce risk and improve inspection results i.e. to improve the inspection of your building you are advised to follow a set of strategies which will help you achieve better results for

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Factech Simplifying Facility…

Factech will help you to Simplify Facility operations on top of Technology. Empower You and your team to take better decisions by providing insights. Vision Provide online platform to manage facility operations in the most convenient way. Simplifying Facility… Delighting customers by Simplifying Operations with Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) right on your mobile is

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What are Key Skills of an Effective Property Manager?

The property manager is the link between property owners and tenants. And like every other job, the job of property management also requires a particular skill set. If you are a property manager who wants to be the best at your work, whether you are a property owner or just a prospective looking to employ a successful property manager’s services, then these following abilities and skills should be taken into account : 1. Efficient communication skills According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “learning how to effectively communicate with others while

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Tenant Management and Verification in Society – Why and How?

What is Tenant Management System? Tenant management software can be a solution that helps land and property management corporations track all functions related to their properties. These functions include gaining new tenants, document management, collection rent payments, and property maintenance. Why proper Tenant Management System is essential? To run a successful residential (or commercial real

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