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Manage Multiple Sites with a Single Dashboard

Handling Facility Operations at multiple sites and properties can be stressful and hectic day to day job for an Enterprise. With traditional manual way comes way more emails, reports, MIS and much more. But in this digital era, everything is Automated so why not Facility Management operations? We, iSocietyManager have a perfect solution for the

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What are Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Facility Management?

Facilities Management KPI Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Facility Management The last two decades have seen large-scale automation or digitization of all the operational heads like finance, purchase, HR, etc. The facility is no different. One by one most of the processes are shifting to online systems. Visitor entries, vehicle management, lease and utility billing,

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Top Facility Management System- Facility Technology

Facility Management Systems Facility operations should be automated to bring in transparency, speed, track ability and scalability. Facility companies are adding value in term of brand as well as efficiency by replacing manual, paper or excel based system with much advanced time and money saving online facility management systems. While, it is taking its own

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Asset Management

Best Online Asset and PPM Management Software in India

Online Asset Management and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software in Real Estate If you are big builder company with large number of assets involving huge capital costs installed at various sites like Residential projects, Office buildings and Malls then it becomes really difficult to keep track of them. Further, at any point of time the

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