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Factech Simplifying Facility…

Factech will help you to Simplify Facility operations on top of Technology. Empower You and your team to take better decisions by providing insights. Vision Provide online platform to manage facility operations in the most convenient way. Simplifying Facility… Delighting customers by Simplifying Operations with Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) right on your mobile is

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Best Billing Practices in Commercial Real Estate

Sometimes, utilities are the biggest controllable operating cost of a property, and the effect is not small. You will stop leaving money on the table by seeking the best solution for handling service expenses. To help control prices, many real estate organizations prefer energy billing over absorbing flat utility charges. In addition to reducing actual consumption, this strategy will boost your bottom line by collecting more of the costs

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DLF Luxury Condominiuns on iSociety Manager

After The Crest, DLF has increased trust in the iSociety Manager team and offers billing ERP for their Ultra Luxury Projects – Magnolia & Aralias   DLF Magnolia DLF Magnolias is the ultra-luxury project at  DLF Golf Course and scenic Aravallis makes The Magnolias situated in DLF-5, the most sought-after address in Gurgaon. It is

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