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Why Online Asset Management and PPM in Real Estate

If you are big builder company with large number of assets involving huge capital costs installed at various sites like Residential projects, Office buildings and Malls then it becomes really difficult to keep track of them. Further, at any point of time the information on assets is mostly wrong and outdated as it has to

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iSocietyManager Releases and Developments

With the vision of providing online facility platform in the most convenient way. We continuously release the enhancement and new features. Release Date: June 17, 2020 Asset Management DG Efficiency Dashboard Customized Reading/ Consumption Form Meter Multiple Reading for a Date Release Date: May 31, 2020 3rd Party Integration Park Wheel for RFID and Vehicle

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How to get started with your Facility Automation System?

Getting Started with your Facility Management System is very simple and quick. You can enter data manually OR bulk upload via an excel sheet. Different types of Actors or Users of System Factech users are diversified and can be broadly categorized into the below industries: Corporate Parks Shopping Centers Apartment Management Education – Schools &

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