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FAQ related to Visitor Management Functionality of iSocietyManager

COVID times Contactless Visitor and Attendance Management

Contactless Visitor and Attendance Management Not all changes due to the COVID-19 impact are bad, there are some positive changes also. There are undoubtedly many challenges involved in managing the facility of residential societies and office complexes after the country is going through the unlock procedure in a phased manner. “Learn to live with it”

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Visitor Management still following the old school model in Apartment Complexes?

Visitor Tracking Software How many visitors are in your Building/office right now? How many were there yesterday? What about 14th Jan 2020? You probably struggled to answer at least that last question, if not the one before. And if you could answer them at all, you likely had to pull out the Register / binder

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Upgrade to most advance Visitor Management App in your Security.

Security is one of the top concerns for any society as safety of a resident is non-negotiable. The traditional security set up requires maintenance of registers and rely on the good judgement of the security guards. During this time of Less manpower usage due to lock-down, security can also be increased with automation with DIY

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