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Factech Simplifying Facility…

Factech will help you to Simplify Facility operations on top of Technology. Empower You and your team to take better decisions by providing insights. Vision Provide online platform to manage facility operations in the most convenient way. Simplifying Facility… Delighting customers by Simplifying Operations with Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) right on your mobile is

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Ambience Caitriona Facility Management App

Gurgaon 7 Star Luxury Ambience Residencies on iSocietyManager

While travelling from Delhi to Gurgaon via NH-8, the first ultra-luxury residential place you will find on your left is Ambience, Caitriona.  It is just behind Ambience Mall. Caitriona is one of the best luxury condominiums in NCR. Key Challenges Faced by Caitriona Facility and Residents In May 2019 the key challenges that Caitriona Facility

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Can You identify Visitors Easily inside your Premises?

Do you know if  the person walking in your premises is Visitor or Resident? Is the Visitor entering in your tower is authorized? Being a security agnostic I always have these questions in my mind for an unknown person, until we moved to iSocietyManager Security along with Visitor Slip Badge. Visitor are easily identifiable as they

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iSociety Manager’s Smart Visitor Tracker Feature Enforces Strict Security

Today’s lifestyle apartments are not the regular homes that built-in years. They are highly sophisticated buildings that come with super facilities that make way for a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. However such homes also demand the need for high-tech software for carrying out various administrative activities. Implement the iSociety Manager – a very modern application

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