Digital Transformation of Facility and Building Management

Digital Facility management technology guide for office smart buildings

Digital Facility Management Technology

Key points in digitizing office building facility operations?

Rapid advancement in technology is making the innovation cycle shorter over time. Today’s trend falls into the obsolete bin in six months.

Cloud-based Facility Management Technology

The best way to deal with it is to go for a SaaS-based solution where the vendor team is continuously working on new things on daily basis and upgrading the system to not only catch the pace of technology development but in some cases even lead the new changes.

Facility Management

There are two aspects of any building or in fact of anything or a person. One, the front end, is visible to all and can be observed or controlled directly. Second, the back end, where we don’t have means and access to every detail and insight. The same is the case with facility management technology in a building. We can see floors, washrooms, corridors, cafeterias, etc., and can observe their quality and functioning but we cannot see maintenance, assets, spares, etc. as these things are more indirect. So, if we look objectively, in a building, the facility teams need to deploy technology solutions to ensure transparency, accountability, and trackability. Once, we get this right the indirectness is overcome, and constant light is thrown into the back operations.

What does a CAFM system do for corporate office facility management?

1. Equipment tracking and monitoring:

At any point in time, you can log into FM App and get information like the current status, location, and history of any asset. Moreover, you get live high-level reports on the overall asset health, breakdown status, etc.

2. Removal of human errors & possible negligence:

Digital online work orders, task roasters, and digital checklists negate the possibility of intentional or unintentional wrong or missed tasks. Since the system is a friend till the time staff is using it as designed and desired and not a friend if the intention is to tamper or misuse, it will not favor or bais emotionally.

3. Never miss an AMC or compliance:

How would it be like if you get timely alerts and notifications well in advance of all the due AMC’s and compliances?

4. Building environment:

No more low/high cooling areas or air quality go undetected as the sensors give you live alerts of any breaches. This is going to reduce the worries of both the facility team and employees to a large extent.

One Interface for Kaizen FM Solution

Integrations with internal modules like attendance, inventory, and external systems like ERP, meters, make a system complete working as a whole engine automating operations end-to-end. This increases the power of technology and the extent of its reach multi-folds.

On top of everything, valuing ideas from all levels of the facility team i.e from ground staff to middle managers to top executives will keep you many steps ahead in terms of system upgradations with the latest and powerful technology functions. and refine the systems in the most realistic way.

FM Modules for Office commercial Buildings


About Factech Facility Management Solution

Pioneering SMART Facility management in India with cutting-edge technology solutions created with industry-researched realistic use cases to solve the most practical challenges faced by facility teams. Thus enabling all levels of facility and maintenance teams to be onboarded with a systematic real-time information flow from bottom to top for the operations like preventive maintenance, housekeeping, inventory, predictive analytics, and energy monitoring.

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