Do you have Personalised Community Management App

Rahul has just finished his breakfast. He opens the Mobile App and his Car A/C gets on. By the time he comes down from the 2nd Floor. His car temperature is cool 25 degrees in this hot summer.

Deesha uses the app to send an invite to her guests. The pass contains Map location of Condominium, Visitor Parking Slot, along with Passcode. The passcode will be validated at the Condo gate and Guest feel personalized experience when she gets entry with her Car parking already booked.

Today technology is implicit in our daily activities, whether it’s starting Car A/C from a mobile or inviting guests to our apartment. Automation has now become normal and Mobile is a powerful tool to operate technology.

As users are becoming more and more technology aware, the Next Wave will be Personalised Experience. Now consumers are expecting personalization so that she gets gadgets, tools as per her preferences.

Personalization software reduces product frustration for the customer because it aligns their experience more closely with their perspective. This alignment can lead to an increase in customer loyalty as people will want to continue to work with your company.

Wikipedia defines personalization

“Personalization (broadly known as customization) consists of tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals, sometimes tied to groups or segments of individuals.”

There are many community management apps, but very few provide a personalized experience. Below are key traits of personalized community app:

  • Customized Dashboards: When your accountant login, is she getting insights into bills, collection, dues, or she gets complaint and visitors data? In a personalization supportive app, users get dashboards as per her preferences, like accountant can personalize her dashboard and select only relevant analytics.

  • Communication Templates: Are you able to edit messages, emails, job cards. Example – Due Reminder Message, Meter Recharge, Polling Participation Notification, etc.

  • Customized Forms:  Can you add or remove any field in the input forms as and when required. For example, Add new Temperature Field in Visitor Form during Covid-19 Pandemic.


  • Personalized Invoice, Receipts: Your brand, logo, format for bills, receipts, etc.

  • White Label Customer App: Many customers prefers app on play store with their own brand.

  • Role-Based Access: Can you control what a user can access based on permissions on her login. CRM can access relevant details related to customers like – Complaints, amenities booking, Outstanding, etc.


Share what other features to be added for giving customers a personalized experience.


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