Enhancing Security of your Society

iSocietyManager enhances #security by enabling only authorized entries and ensuring that Visitor goes to the designated Tower only.

The simple steps are:

  • Create the pre-approved pass for your guests and save their time in validation process at the gate. The visitor with pre-approved pass need not to wait for Acceptance from You.
  • The details of Visitors with Pass will be captured along with their photo and Acceptance Notification request will be sent on your phone.
  • If no response comes from You in stipulated time then automatic IVR Call will be made on your e-intercom number. In case you have more than one e-intercom number, call will be made on those numbers in sequence until response received.
  • On acceptance only, Visitor will be allowed to enter.
  • To maintain the security at Tower Level, unique Pass Code is send to the Visitor Mobile and Tower gate will open only when Pass Code is valid for that Tower.

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