When you can’t attack, the best move is to build strong defences.

Similar is the situation currently when the whole world including India is facing an unprecedented danger from COVID-19. Being responsible managers and leaders it is our task to find out means and tools to control the virus contagion. Manpower becomes the most valuable asset in such circumstances and saving our workforce becomes our utmost duty.

We are sure that every organisation or residential society management are already taking extreme steps for checking coronavirus spread like sanitation, social distancing, shifts etc.

In these times of crisis, we provide a very effective tool to manage and take care of your most important asset- yes, your manpower. Isocietymanager mobile-based app using face recognition helps in following important ways:

  1. Touch-free attendance
  2. No expensive proprietary hardware like bio-metric devices are required.
  3. Geo-fencing
  4. No scope of proxies
  5. Group attendance
  6. Live site-wise reports
  7. Shifts/overtime configuration
  8. Control and transparency at least cost


This solution is being used by many premium societies to manage there staff like maids, drivers, housekeeping etc. Also very effective for facility companies, security companies, independent offices and more.

So, please call today for an online meeting cum demo. Call @9811600620


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