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How Residencies like DLF, Jaypee, manage their Condomoniums?

Making your society Smart and Online is easy to do – Google and select the Society Management App provider. There are many apps in the market that digitize at least Gate Management.

Many societies are able to digitize some of their operations. But the problem of automating all their operations from a single App remains unsolved. Today’s need is of complete Society Management Application that manages end-to-end operations in a single Window.

The Questions are:

  • What steps a Residential Society Management took to digitize their all key operations Successfully?
  • Will the Apartment Management App help to build processes and Systems so that Community Management becomes simple and scalable?
  • Are residents happy with Ads popping up?
  • Are your operations like billing, inventory, vendor management customized, optimized, and transparent as per your requirement? 

The solution primarily depends on the approach and methodology taken by the management team.

Successful Management Teams or RWA do below 3 Steps:

Customizecustomized residential housing society managment app

You want to automate your process like – bill plans, Shift based Attendance, InventoryWork Flow, Online Payment as per your requirements. Your needs are different, so you personalize dashboards, roles, permissions, and configurations as per your needs to get optimal results.

Integrateintegrated society management rwa app

You want to use your successfully running existing software applications integrated with your Society Manager App. Your Society Management System talks to the existing Applications to make the whole process error-free and automated. For example, you want to integrate Smart Meters, Tally, or other ERP like SAP.

All operations on Mobile App without Noise, & Adsbest society management app without ads and noise

Residents’ delight is your topmost priority. Non-Tech Savvy Residents should be using the App easily. All Society related operations should be accessible on a single tap Mobile App. Your Simple to use Society Manager App – without any noise and Ads improves your residents’ experience.

Case studies for Successful Implementation of Society Management System

How Successful RWA and Residencies implement society management software



Factech iSocietyManager is being used by many prominent clients like DLF, Jaypee, Ambience for more than 3 years. You get flexibility in customizing, integrating, and Simplest Resident Mobile App.


Points to consider before selecting Society Management Software

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