Checklists can be perfect guide for standardizing repetitive processes that must be routinely done. preventive maintenance checklist may be used in the same manner to streamline number of activities for preventive maintenance. 
Preventive maintenance checklists, however, are only helpful if developed for a reason and provide all the information required.

Things you can do before you build checklists for Preventive Maintenance:

  • Build an asset list that needs Preventive Maintenance-

For a preventive maintenance checklist, if you have just a few assets in mind, you can skip this step. It pays to be proactive to have all in one place for those who intend to build checklists for thousands of properties, particularly if you are not already monitoring them with a CMMS.

  • Gather manuals from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

  • Review asset history-

Due to repeated breakdowns, for example, the use of non-original spare parts, assets may accumulate unique patterns over time. This suggests that, on top of what is outlined in the OEM manual, additional predictive maintenance steps should be taken.

A good Preventive Maintenance checklist contains:

1. Information on planning

  • Instruments needed to complete the work
  • The required spare parts to complete the job
  • Estimated time needed for the job to be finished

2. Information on protection

  • Guidelines for Protection
  • The personal protection equipment needed (PPE)

3. Visual support (if required)

  • Photos
  • Diagraphs
  • Images

Some aspects for the creation of a checklist for Preventive Maintenance:

  • Get the Right people in the maintenance staff
  • Set the Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plan Targets
  • Collect information on current facilities in depth
  • Decide on what properties and services to provide
  • Establish the timetable for preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring and modifying prices, output and other KPIs as needed


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