Perks of having a Planned Preventive Maintenance software application

We all wish that the assets we employ at our home or in our business, work in a good condition for a long period of time without us spending huge amounts of money on them, i.e. we want something that helps us in extending the asset life, increase productivity, and ultimately decrease maintenance spending.
Guess what? ‘Preventive Maintenance‘ is the ultimate solution for this’!

The primary goal of a good preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practices especially designed to improve the performance and safety of the asset at your property.

If your organization or you personally are relying solely on reactive maintenance then you are not acting smartly and wisely because doing this, you are not only wasting your valuable time but you are also wasting a huge amount of your hard earned money every year on something that can be prevented by acting proactively, by having a consistent preventive maintenance plan.

Planned Preventive Maintenance is a useful tool for making your maintenance operation more efficient. It guarantees you have the right strategy and resources in place to tackle any kind of maintenance quickly and easily, whether it’s scheduled or not.

Planned Preventive Maintenance activities are tasks that are set up to occur ahead of time. They are done so assets can remain functional for as long as possible without any unplanned downtime. This maintenance is determined by maintenance triggers, including time, usage, event, and condition.


  1. It helps you to outline and prioritize your work with the purpose of eliminating operational waste.
  2. It helps you to make sure that all work is completed as planned, and on time.
  3. It provides your team with the necessary equipment and materials to perform and complete work assigned to them. Giving your team the tools to be successful reduces their stress and yours.
  4. It helps define vital activities and tasks, then develop useful checklists and specific steps for completing them as a result making your job a lot easier.
  5. It documents the work details for work orders, inspections, activities, and all tasks for long-term analysis to find ways to reduce downtime even more.
  6. To make sure that nothing gets overlooked, it schedules work to be done for every type of equipment.
  7. To prevent equipment failure before it fails, the software helps you to inspect equipment for the possibility of additional maintenance to be conducted.

Therefore, planned preventive maintenance software can be a very useful resource for your company success.

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