Society Management System – Simplifies Apartment Maintenance and Management

Are you an apartment society or association manager, who suddenly faced with the prospect of managing a large number of apartment blocks due to new construction around existing neighbourhoods?  Implement Society Management Software to simplify your tasks and carry them out faster.  It is easy to implement and includes a wide array of features that offer real-time access to information, saves money, time and helps manage hundreds of activities with ease.

Benefits of Using Society Management System

Today time is of the essence, and at the same time sound, administrative practices must be adhered to keep apartment blocks in the best condition.  Apartment associations or societies can function better only when they implement advanced software solutions that make management activities quick and easy. Here is a look at the key benefits of using the society management system:

  • Efficient tracking of a vast number of maintenance activities across many apartment blocks
  • Quick billing and instant collection of money from residents for various needs such as utility bills, monthly maintenance bill, CAMetc.
  • Recording movement of residents and their housekeeping staff across different apartment block through login procedures etc
  • Maintenance of records for each block, its maintenance schedule, the status of repair work, complaints, money collection, etc
  • Creating and send different types of notices to residents and tracking action done on them

Through the software, you implement a paperless management system that removes clutter and inefficiencies in administrative tasks. At any time, the software’s dashboard gives real-time information on any specific work.  Hundreds of jobs recorded, their statuses updated, costs accounted for and resulted shown, which brings down the value of such activities and also enables them to done faster.


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