Staff Attendance Record & Its Significance in your Society

In today’s era where both the individuals in a house are office goers and there is very little time to take care of one’s apartment/ flat in your society and at the same time it is very difficult to manage your regular household chores if you are having  small kids around you.

Let’s admit it, without a domestic help, we’d all be tired to the extreme by the end of the day. In between managing our work and running errands, cleaning, scrubbing and washing have become tasks that we totally panic. And thus, we rely heavily on maids and other domestic helpers without whom it is indeed difficult to manage our homes.

But what would you do if one day your Maid doesn’t turn up at your house? And when they later swear that they barely took any holidays in a month so they get full pay? What if they are avoiding your home alone? How do we keep an eye on our domestic help?

iSocietymanager app’s Staff Attendance Solution  comes to The Rescue

One of iSocietymanager many fine features is that it keeps a record of Staff Attendance. Conventionally, manual registers store this information and hence, could be lost easily. If you want to check if your maid turned up on a certain date, you’ll have to get the guards to check through the registers to find that info. Clearly, this isn’t ideal.

So if your apartment complex uses the iSocietymanager, staff attendance  can be digitally recorded in many ways like by using Biometrics devices, face recognition feature where all the staff can be added  initially with all their mandatory details like KYC’s (aadhar card, photo, ). When added as a staff in the society then they are linked to respective work location (units).


How Does This Apartment Staff Attendance App Work?

Imagine a scenario, your maid comes to the other two homes where she works and tells you that she is not well and not coming today. But, thanks to the technology your ISM app will show you her live status whether she is inside the society complex or not. Further if the management wants, their whole movement can be tracked- tower-wise and even floor wise.

Salient features:

1) Instant notifications

iSocietymanager makes it easier for your residents to plan their day by sending notifications of the arrival of maids, nannies and other staff

2) Attendance review

Say goodbye to the monthly debate over the number of days any staff member was in attendance with iSocietymanager. The numbers are always just a click away on the app.

 3) Community staff ratings

Who better than your neighbours to help you find a better nanny, driver or cook! With crowd-sourced daily help reviews, your home will always be in good hands and all this is possible when you have iSocietymanager is with you

 Since we have already established that Staff Attendance has its benefits, let’s also tell you why having technical security software like iSocietymanager in place helps.

 Imagine a situation where your staff was caught red-handed doing something she/ he wasn’t supposed to. You immediately terminate His/her employment. But are you sure he/she won’t sneak back in either to repeat what they did or to cause you harm?

What if they try to return a year later? The chances are that the guards at the gate may not be the same and hence, could be unaware of his / her history with crime. They may permit them to enter the premises once again.

 To prevent such a scenario, you can now block / blacklist staff or visitors in iSocietymanager app ensuring that people with a history of offence will never enter the compound again.

We can go on all day about the necessity of having tools like iSocietymanager but we’re sure you already understand their significance.


We assure you, you will never feel unsafe if you have iSocietymanager deployed in your apartment!

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