Still chasing residents for payment of regular dues? -SMS/ Email Communication(isocietymanager)

SMS text messaging is just one part – but an important part – of an arsenal of technological tools that can be used to improve communication between apartment complex management and residents. Mails are also important as SMS texts.

All of these communication types can be used as rent reminders, maintenance problem notifications, community alerts, and other conversation starters to ensure that nothing slips under the radar. Additionally, they can engage residents and streamline different processes.

Facility manager faces a lot of problems dealing daily with a number of cases where he and his team are occupied to solve the common problem of reminding every resident about their bills due date via phone calls. This might look like a mere issue but in actuality for a facility team it is one of the biggest headaches of all time as they have other productive work to do but this hampers their productivity and slows down their productive working efficiency .

Do you also have the common issue? Do you also have to follow up regularly with residents for their dues, especially maintenance dues?

Let iSocietymanager help you with their best feature of SMS/ Email Notification which can come as a rescue act as reminders for all the residents and now no need to follow up as with a single click now all the residents will get notification through SMS and Email for any kind of dues.

This SMS/Email feature not only work for residents but as a facility manager now you can get SMS notification through iSocietymanager admin app regarding any service request / complaint raised by resident even when he is not in office .

If you think your management of an apartment building could be made easier with these tools, try a free trial of iSocietymanager.

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