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Digital Facility Management Technology to simplify operation and maintenance

9 Digital Way To Help In Facility Management

The Digital Way To Help In Facility Management As a user, a facility manager, a staff, or a site head we should go ahead with facility digitization with certain clarity and expectations in our mind. Here is an insight into how a system could make a real difference in the way facility operations are performed

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How to digitize facility and maintenance management in most efficient way

What is digital Facility Management? In the beginning, Facility Management was just limited to the bricks and mortar aspect of a building but with time it encompassed almost every aspect of the business including tools, equipment, environment, health, etc. The modern workplace is driven by technology and connectivity to support agility and flexibility. Thus technology

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How optimizing Asset operations can save you huge costs?

Asset Management System Asset management is the process of considering the commissioning, operational, and end-of-life phases of physical assets. However, current asset management models show inefficiencies in terms of addressing life cycle cost comprehensively. Following are the major steps: Asset registry: Record the details like make, model, current status, location, condition, etc. This information is

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