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Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Software

 CAFM Software Information Technology is used by CAFM, or computer-aided facilities management, to effectively manage physical facilities in a number of ways. In order to maximize the efficiency of your firm, CAFM technology essentially combines concepts from business administration, behavioral science, architecture, and engineering. Computer-aided facility management can be thought of as a thorough commercial

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How optimizing Asset operations can save you huge costs?

Asset Management System Asset management is the process of considering the commissioning, operational, and end-of-life phases of physical assets. However, current asset management models show inefficiencies in terms of addressing life cycle cost comprehensively. Following are the major steps: Asset registry: Record the details like make, model, current status, location, condition, etc. This information is

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Importance of KPI in Asset Management

What is KPI – Key Performance Indicator? A select number of key measures that enable performance to be monitored against targets. Purpose of KPIs The KPI will indicate how well the facility or an asset is doing at attaining its goals, design intent or standards. KPIs help establish quality standards by reporting on variances. Why are KPIs Important? There are many reasons, of

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