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Significance of Facility Management Services within Shopping Malls

Facility Management Services within Shopping Malls There are certain requirements like efficient parking service or valet parking, better restrooms, nicely air-conditioned spaces, and many more of such things but these are not just some luxuries, these are basic needs that the consumers expect and which a mall cannot overlook.  In todays’ time malls are not

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COVID times Contactless Visitor and Attendance Management

Not all changes due to the COVID-19 impact are bad, there are some positive changes also. There are undoubtedly many challenges involved in managing the facility of residential societies and office complexes after the country is going through the unlock procedure in a phased manner. “Learn to live with it” are the words in trend.

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Best Society Management System

iSocietyManager – Operating System for your Facility

iSocietyManager is facility ERP for real estate developed by Factech Automation Solutions Private Limited. It is Operating System for your facility operations. Handy tool for Data Driven Property Management. Vision Provide Online Facility Platform in Most Convenient Way. The System is used and appreciated by : Real Estate Builders & Companies Facility Companies RWA Residents

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