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importance of inspection in facilities management

How important is inspection module in facility management

What is the importance of inspection in facility management? There are hundreds of things in soft services that need to checked and monitored on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis, in a building. To address each, there are checklists that are supposed to be filled and submitted. For example, places in a building should be

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How important is social distancing in residential societies and office complexes in fight with COVID-19

How ISM Guard Patrol tracking system can help: Guard patrol app guides them in taking a planned route. It will alert guards when it is time to go on the round. Check-points are Geo-tagged with QR-codes. Guard can instantly send instance report along with a picture if he finds people breaking the social-distancing norms. Management

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An effective nearby platform on the society App- ISM

Society is the backbone of human nature and so are our residential habits and interactions. Over 90 percent time of our day goes into environmental and social interactions. Either we are shopping, trading, going for lunch/dinner, getting services like medical, repairs, or even paying bills, we are basically wantingly or unwantigly dealing with outer resources.

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