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An effective nearby platform on the society App- ISM

Society is the backbone of human nature and so are our residential habits and interactions. Over 90 percent time of our day goes into environmental and social interactions. Either we are shopping, trading, going for lunch/dinner, getting services like medical, repairs, or even paying bills, we are basically wantingly or unwantigly dealing with outer resources.

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Best Society Management System

iSocietyManager – Operating System for your Society Management

iSocietyManager is facility ERP for residential communities developed by Factech Automation Solutions Private Limited. It is an Operating System for your facility operations. Handy tool for Data-Driven Property Management. Vision Provide Online Facility Platform in Most Convenient Way. The System is used and appreciated by : Real Estate Builders & Companies Facility Companies RWA Residents &

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Apartment Society Visitor Management System – Effective and Efficient Tool for Daily Visitor Monitoring

Many apartment complexes today are in want of efficient administrative personnel as there is always a considerable number of maintenance activities and repair schedules to follow in a single month. A single manager is not enough to run the complex’s administrative office. What is needed is a dozen of them, but along with hiring so

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