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Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) refers to the use of computer technology to manage and optimize facilities and real estate assets. CAFM software is designed to help organizations streamline their facility management processes and improve operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance.

CAFM software typically includes modules for managing various aspects of facility management, such as space planning, maintenance management, asset tracking, energy management, inventory management, and lease management. The software may also include features for automating routine tasks, generating reports and analytics, and providing real-time visibility into facility operations.

Digital Facility Management Technology to simplify operation and maintenance

9 Digital Way To Help In Facility Management

The Digital Way To Help In Facility Management As a user, a facility manager, a staff, or a site head we should go ahead with facility digitization with certain clarity and expectations in our mind. Here is an insight into how a system could make a real difference in the way facility operations are performed

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facility management digital transformation

How to digitize facility and maintenance management in most efficient way

What is digital Facility Management? In the beginning, Facility Management was just limited to the bricks and mortar aspect of a building but with time it encompassed almost every aspect of the business including tools, equipment, environment, health, etc. The modern workplace is driven by technology and connectivity to support agility and flexibility. Thus technology

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Importance of facility digital transformation

Why Digital Transformation Is Needed For Facility Management

Importance of digital transformation facility management The way many organizations run their business is affected by new technology and disruptions. A 2015 global study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte showed that over 90% of respondents anticipate digital trends that are largely or moderately disruptive to their industry. With these developments that shakeup, the

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