Tenant Management and Verification in Society – Why and How?

What is Tenant Management System?

society tenant management systemTenant management software can be a solution that helps land and property management corporations track all functions related to their properties. These functions include gaining new tenants, document management, collection rent payments, and property maintenance.

Why proper Tenant Management System is essential?

To run a successful residential (or commercial real estate) property, it is essential to use an effective tenant management system. Here’s why!

Secure Documents

Tenant agreements, police verification, contracts, terms, etc. are important documents and these should be stored securely. Documents should be searchable and easy to track. A cloud-based system can be an effective tenant management system

Ease of Payments

A tenant management system eases the handling of payment and finance part involved in tenant and maintenance of the property.

24/7 Access

Online Tenant Management System makes data access 24/7 available both on your mobile and Laptop.

Convenience to Tenants

A good tenant management System like iSocietyManager increases convenience by providing features like:

  • Complaint Management
  • Billing
  • Online Payment
  • Security through Visitor Management and Access Control
  • Amenities booking.

What are different Tenant Verification Procedures

In India, the tenant verification process differs from state to state.

Tenant verification procedure in Delhi

You can visit the Delhi Police website and download the form online. This process is free of charge everywhere. This form requires the tenant’s previous rental stay information if any.


Tenant verification procedure in Gurgaon

The employer or the landlord has to submit a valid ID and address proof of employee or lessee at the local police station. A form needs to be duly filled, signed, and submitted at the local police station. Details of the candidate are registered by Police.  Takes around 3 working days.


Tenant verification procedure in Noida

To help citizens tackle fraud and crime, UP Police Citizen Services app/website provides tenant/employee/domestic help verification with downloadable forms. Noida Police website also provides this service.



Tenant verification procedure in Mumbai

It’s simpler in Mumbai than any other place. Police NOC isn’t needed. All you need to do is provide required details online, however, you have to be meticulous in following prescribed details. OTP is sent to the owner. The address of the owner and the rented property should not be the same. The owner should visit the police station if the police need to verify any discrepancies. Mumbai Police respond quickly on Twitter if any clarification is needed by the citizens.


Tenant verification procedure in Bangalore

The process is different since the verification is done at the Commissioner’s office from where you can buy a form for Rs 10. Attach rent agreement copy, photograph, ID proof, etc. Use  https://www.karnatakaone.gov.in/ (or on their mobile app). Submit the form at the Commissioner’s office and collect the acknowledgment receipt, after which the police issues a clearance certificate within a month.

Tenant verification procedure in Hyderabad

The city’s ‘Know Your Tenant’ initiative led the way for homeowners to get police verification through their Hawk-Eye app, following search results that found criminal, terrorist activities as well as child labor incidents. Verification requests are also taken online.


Tenant verification procedure in Chennai

The landlord can submit verification details online after mobile registration.


iSociety Manager solution to effortless verification of tenants

Resident Move IN Move OUT  feature is used by Management Committees and Facility Teams through iSocietyManager. The MC can enable it for all users to check off a digital checklist during the process of moving in or out. Users can upload all to their necessary documents (including police verification form) directly on the app which the landlord can easily access. This feature is crucial in managing and accessing vital paperwork as well as maintaining tenant records for any further information and cross verification. You no longer have to run around collecting documents and can rely on the iSociety app to make the process of moving in easy and seamless. The MC and facility team also get Popups and alerts for which agreements are going to be expired.


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