FAQ Category: Complaint Management

How to enable reopen complaint feature?

iSocietyManager has the  “Reopen”  feature in the Complaint that allow user to reopen the closed complaint. There is also an option to configure hours until when the complaint can be reopened. To enable this feature: Click on “Setting” Menu then click on “Society Settings”. Now in Complaint tab check the reopen button to enable the

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How to enable OTP based Complaint Closure?

Instead of a printed Job Card option, you can decide OTP based complaint closure. Whenever any resident logs a complaint, a Code is generated, which is visible to the Resident only. When a technician fixes the complaint, he will take the code. On correct code entry, complaint will automatically move to resolved status. You have

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How to generate complaint Job Card?

Many teams prefer giving the printed copy of Complaint Job Card, which needs to be signed by the resident or customer. In the complaint dashboard, under action, you can see the Job Card button   You can also modify the Job Card template as per your needs. Go to Setup-> Template->Job Card to update the

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How to define escalation levels in iSocietyManager?

You can define the escalation level for complaint management. The escalation levels can be applicable at Site Level: The escalation levels will be applicable to all type of complaints. Nature  / Sub Nature Level: There can be different escalation levels for different category and sub category of complaint. To configure the escalation level, steps are:

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How to add staff and supervisor for complaint?

Staffs are mapped as per complaint categories so that respective complaint can be handled by them. To add a new staff or supervisor Go to Complaint-> Add New Staff Add the details of staff like name, number, working hours, etc. Below details is important Mobile – SMS will be sent on this number whenever a

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