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How to assign permission to role?

Go to Setting->Access Permission   Select the role for which you want to change the permissions. You can see all the permission currently assigned to that role. Start typing in the search box to filter the permissions.   Click on Edit Permission to update the permissions for the role   Check the permissions as per

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How to add new role?

Roles are nothing but the permissions given to a particular user to access some resources. So in some other words, we can say that, once a user is authenticated then what are the resources the user can access is determined by his role. Roles are categorized under 3 heads: Admin: Facility User Roles Resident: User

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How to see all admin users in iSocietyManager?

iSocietyManager is a role-based System. If you have admin rights to create users and roles for your site, you can create new admin login in the System. To view the existing admin or facility Users. Go to Role Groups -> View Facility Users The list of all admin user will be displayed  

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How to change the login password of Facility Team?

Many times there is a need to change the password of the facility team.  Admin, having Change Password Permission can reset the password of any user. Go to Setting -> Society Settings     Click on the change password button Note: You can also open the change password UI from User -> Change Password.  

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