FAQ Category: Survey

How to view Survey Response?

In Survey Dashboard page, you see a list of all Surveys. To view the response of any Survey select Status from Survey sub-menu On click of Status, you can see the Survey response summary. You can view the details question wise by expanding at the question level.  

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How to Launch Survey

Survey launching is a 2 step process: Create a Survey Launch Surve 1. Create a Survey a) After login, Go to Survey ( More -> Survey) b)  On click of the Survey, you can see the Survey Home Page. This display list of all Surveys with the details – number of responses, status, launch date,

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What is Survey or Polling?

Survey can be used in many ways like : Take the opinion of our customers. Example Do you want the Club to be opened between 12 to 4 pm? Collect information like Share your tenant details etc. Take feedback from Customers, for example – Customer Satisfaction Survey of Housekeeping, Security, etc. How to Launch Survey

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