FAQ Category: Tariff

How to restrict previous bill skip?

When we configure Restrict Bill Skip then system will through alert message if previous bill cycle invoice is not generated for any units. After login with admin portal and having Society setting permission, You can configure Restrict Bill Skip Below are the steps to round up. Go to Menu -> Setting -> Society Settings->Bill Select

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How to add tariff for bill generation?

After login with a role having Bill Generation and Tariff permission, You can add a tariff or charge as per requirements. Go to Bill-> Tariff You can add tariff details as per your requirement (a) Charge Name: Name of the charges e.g. Cheque Bounce, Maintenance, Sinking Fund etc. (b) Unit Column: Types of the charges

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How to get started with bill generation?

What is billing? Also called invoicing, billing is the process of requesting payment from a customer, by generating an invoice to recover the money resulted from the service or sale. Before getting into the details of steps of bill generation, User has to decide on below points: Bill Plan: You need to generate a single

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