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iSocietyManager Decks

iSocietyManager Presentations & Decks Story-Based RWA     iSociety Manager_Story_RWA Enterprise   iSocietyManager Enterprise Story   Enterprise Facility Management Market Place – iSociety Manager  iSocietyManager RWA Asset Management iSociety Manager iSocietyManager_Benefits Billing  System -iSocietyManager Visitor Management System-iSocietyManager

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How to launch iSocietyManager as White Label App with your Brand?

You can give power to your brand in digital and mobile technology by choosing the iSocietyManager white label option. You get the resident mobile apps for both Your Brand iOS – iPhone Mobile App. For example. Refer Jaypee iOS App Your Brand Android Mobile App. For example. Refer Jaypee Android  App Steps for launching your

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