How to add/import individual charge amount?

There are two main scenarios where we need individual charge

– Admin wants to apply different rates/amount on individual customer basis
– Admin wants to charge only few customer, instead of all customer

Example of these charges are wrong parking charge, property damage charge etc., all/most of the customer having different rates for the charge etc.

Once you are logged in as admin having Individual Charge permission (access rights), you can add/import individual change amount as per your needs.

Following are the steps to add individual charge amount for units

Step 1: Go to Main Menu (Meter), Select “Individual Charges” option from drop down sub menu

how to use individual charges in Factech iBill - billing software

Step 2: Select your charge, unit no and click on “Search” button. There are two check boxes for selection of active/inactive units.

update individual charge rate in Factech iBill Billing SoftwareStep 3: Click on “Edit” button against any unit. Select active as “Yes”. Enter your value and click on “Save” button. You will receive a success alert message.

edit units or multiplier factor for individual charge in Factech iBill and iSociety Manager

You can update individual charge in bulk through excel file import, following are the steps:

Step1: Go to  Main Menu (Meter), Select “Individual Charges” option from drop down menu

Step 2: Click on “Import Individual Change

Step 3: Click on “Download Template” to fill the data.

Steps 4: Enter all required fields in excel and Save the excel

import individual charge excel in Factech iBill and iSocietyManager

Once all details are filled in excel file then Choose excel file and click on “Upload Individual Change” button.

import individual charge in Factech iBill and iSocietyManager

In order to verify, you can select charge name, All tower and click on “Search” button, it will display complete details which are updated.

Note: You can update or override existing details through import individual charge template or you can export details and update the details.

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