How to configure payment conditions for bill plan in iSocietyManager?

If there are more than one bill plans, sometimes there is need to add payment condition on the bill plan based on the other bill plan. For example, suppose you want that residents should recharge electricity meter only when, they have no outstanding dues in  Maintenance.

The steps to configure payment conditions for a bill plan are:

  • Go to Bill-> Billing Configuration

bill plan menu, bill type, society bill types

  • Click on Configurations

add payment conditions for bill

You can add below conditions for the Bill plan:

  1. Minimum Amount
  2. Maximum Amount
  3. Decimal Places
  4. Fixed Amount
  5. Minimum Credit
  6. Check the previous due amount of — another bill plan
  7. Remarks
  8. Disable Edit Amount
  9. Block payment before due date

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