How to get started with bill generation?

What is billing?

Also called invoicing, billing is the process of requesting payment from a customer, by generating an invoice to recover the money resulted from the service or sale.

Before getting into the details of steps of bill generation, User has to decide on below points:

  1. Bill Plan: You need to generate a single bill or need to generate different bills for different groups. For example, you can decide if CAM, Electricity charges to be included in the same bill or there should be separate bills for Electricity & separate bills for CAM.
  2. Tariffs: What are the different tariffs/ rates that will be applicable like – Grid Charge, DG Charge, Maintenance Charge, Delayed Payment Charges, etc.
  3. Bill Cycle: What is the period of a bill. For example – start date, end date for a bill. Any cycle can also contain – Due Date, Payment consideration details, etc. so that users have better control and change as per the needs.

You have the flexibility to add and configure as many bill plans as you want. So if any user wants to generate CAM and Electricity Bills separately he can configure 2 bill plans say CAM, & Electricity for their commercial or residential properties.  Similarly, charges also can also be configured as per your needs.

What is different data input required to start billing?

What are different bill formats?

How to add new bill plan?

How to configure payment conditions for bill plan?

How to map users to a bill plan?

How to add tariff for bill generation?

How to Add/import meter reading?

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