How to import meter reading in iSocietyManager?

You can add reading against the unit:

  • Add for single Unit from UI (Meter-> Add Reading)
  • Import in bulk for multiple units in one go through excel.

System allow adding/upload current/final reading >=(Greater than or equal) from initial/previous reading.

Adding reading in iSocietyManager is an easy task by following the given steps mentioned below:-

  • Menu -> Meter -> Import Reading then click on Download Template to import Meter Reading

(a) Unit No: Unit no should match with the existing unit number in the System.
(b) Reading Date: Date of Reading on which reading is taken.
(c) Billing Month: Bill Month for which is generated.
(d) Grid Reading Current: Reading of Grid or main power supply
(e) DG Reading Current: Reading of DG or Generator/ Backup.

Note * In Case there is no Grid/DG reading then let it be “0” (Zero)

Unit No Reading Date Billing Month Grid Reading Curr Dg Reading Curr Remarks
A10001 31-03-2020 202003 100 0

* In Case of First Bill Generation we need to import initial and final reading. This will ensure that consumption is calculated correctly. E.g. if we want to generate a bill for the month of March 2019 then initial reading i.e 29 Feb or 1st March 2019 and final reading i.e 31st March 2019 need to be imported.

After preparing the excel then import/upload the excel file.

If your meters are online and integrated with System then, reading will be automatically taken from Meter through API.


Click on  Meter Menu > Reading > then click on Add Reading Menu present right top corner.

Now Search the unit no for which you want to add reading. then fill the desired details.

We can see added/uploaded reading Cluster wise, between date or individually, Menu -> Meter -> Search Reading Refer below image for reference.


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