What is different data input required to start billing?

Billing need varies from client to client. Below data is generally required so the bills can be generated. You can ignore the details which are not applicable against you, like DG Load, Grid Load is required only if you are doing electricity Billing.

  1. Site Details: Site for which you want to start operations. The details include below:
    • Site / Project Name
    • Primary Email – Site Email
    • Admin – Contact Details ( Mobile No., Email ) To be used to create Admin of the Site
    • Logo Image of the Site  [ Optional]
  2. Unit Details: The unit is against which bills are being generated. You can provide details in any excel of your format, While importing you can map your fields with the System fields. Below are fields that should be part of the data depending on your billing requirement. Refer Site-Data Format under templates below.
    • Unit No
    • Owner Name
    • Size in square feet
    • Grid Demand Load [Optional]
    • DG Demand Load [Optional]
    • Maintenance Start Date/Bill Start Date
  3. Bill Plan Details: The details for all applicable Bill Plans
  4. Bill Format: The bill formats of your choice. For examples refer:

    iSocietyManager gives you the flexibility to use the format as per your needs. There are different bill formats and you can select as per your need. Few examples are below for your reference.

    Common Area Maintenance ( CAM) Bill Formats
    Electricity Bill Formats
    General Bill Formats

    These invoices have all the charges, so it increases simplification for customers where they will get a single bill for all charges. Management can enable the Item Wise Adjustment feature to track each charge outstanding separately. Different bill format examples are:

    Adhoc or Miscellaneous Bill Formats
    Gas Bill Formats


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  5. Meter Reading: Previous and current meter Reading (specified only Grid and DG or multiple meters like AHU etc.) . This is required if you want to
  6. Different Import Formats Templates  Examples are as below:

What is Best Practice for Late Payment Charges in Billing?

How to get started with bill generation?


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