What is e-intercom?

visitor e intercom

eIntercom is the mobile based intercom facility which is used for confirming Visitor entries in your premises.

As a User, if you have downloaded the iSocietyManager app in your phone you’ll get the Visit Entry confirmation request whenever a Visitor entry is made against your Flat/ Unit.

  1. Directly on your mobile as Notification, which you can Accept / Reject with just selecting your option.
  2. In case, System don’t get the response in the stipulated time then, IVR call will be initiated automatically. You can also specify the alternate numbers for e-intercom. IVR call will continue even if you have not downloaded the app.
  3. If no response of Voice Call then Guard can use the existing Wired Intercom and take confirmation.


Contact https://isocietymanager.com for implementing an advanced Visitor Management System.

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