What is Kaizen CMMS System?


Factech has been offering digital solutions for simplifying Facility Operations for different clients including:

  • Shopping Centre
  • Corporate Parks
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Luxury Residential Complexes

Why Kaizen – CAFM

Kaizen is the Computer-Aided Facility Management ( CAFM) which helps you to simplify your facility management and operations.

In general, CAFM includes CMMS ( Computerized Maintenance Management System) as well as other Facility Management Operations like EHS, Inventory, Vendor, etc.

CAFM Overview:

Benefits of implementing CAFM or CMMS System

Below are some key benefits of CAFM by Factech:

  • KPI-based customized dashboards empower your team to make better-informed decisions.
  • Empower your technicians with Mobile App for scanning Asset QR Codes and do evidence-based maintenance.
  • Inbuilt industry-proven checklists enable your new team member to start working effectively right from the very first day.
  • It is easy to use and its mobile-friendly customizable interfaces enable your team to begin within minutes.
  • You can save thousands of Hours of Maintenance and rework.
  • Minimize your Breakdown Maintenance and machine downtime.
  • Manage your Asset Life Cycle Effectively
  • Inspection, Preventive Maintenance, Inventory, Purchase, Budget, Work Requests, Standard Operating Procedures, Employee Attendance, Utility Monitoring, Emergencies SOPs, and much more at one place.

Kaizen is your one-stop solution to manage your facility operations more effectively. Now you can stop worrying and spend more time building better customer relationships.

Contact Now to transform Your Way of Working.

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