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Why Online Asset Management and PPM in Real Estate

If you are big builder company with large number of assets involving huge capital costs installed at various sites like Residential projects, Office buildings and Malls then it becomes really difficult to keep track of them. Further, at any point of time the information on assets is mostly wrong and outdated as it has to be taken out from papers and files. Assets are shifted, scrapped or modified over a period of time which are not updated properly in records.

At a point of time you feel lack of control over the information which curtails your insight and decision taking capacity. This deficient or error-prone information also affects planning and sometimes leads to myopic plans.

So, here is an indispensable need of using technology to overcome such barriers of information and control over your assets.

Some important points which can be fetched and analysed live with an online asset management solution are:

  1. Asset acquisition and AMC conditions
  2. Important dates like installation date, asset transfer date
  3. Asset catalogue and monitoring
  4. Current depreciated value
  5. Asset checklist
  6. Integration with asset application to get live readings or parameters on the facility app
  7. Asset installation location, move history and current location.
  8. Asset disposal

All this can be done by tagging the assets with QR/Bar codes linked with location and other information. Thanks to the technology, management is now empowered with live interactive dashboards providing site-wise insights in real-time avoiding all paper-work and human interventions. These dashboards presents mined information based on certain KPI’s and can be drilled-down to reach to granular levels.

Next comes the Maintenance part. Since we now have complete control over the current status of our assets, it becomes important to track and automate the whole maintenance operation. Planned preventive maintenance schedule is now online with following capabilities:

  1. Real-time maintenance task alerts.
  2. Day/week/monthly view of tasks to the manager in order to be able to planning and scheduling efficiently
  3. AMC and warranty alerts.
  4. Agreements alerts.
  5. Auto-roster of the tasks to the technicians.
  6. Intelligent reports like staff performance/ Asset brand comparison and more
  7. Spares inventory management
  8. Evidence and tracking based maintenance by scanning of QR codes on assets by the technician app and ability of filling check-lists, seeing history, requesting spares and adding photos prior and after wherever required.


This solution without doubt help you getting better assets performance and life. As a result, a lot of cost is saved due to less asset down-time, increased life and efficient maintenance operations leading to save money and time both.

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