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Democracy is undoubtedly the secret component necessary to build a happy community. While residents appreciate the tireless hours of hard work that their Managing Committee invests towards the effective and efficient functioning of their community; they would surely want to be heard before anything else.

One of the major pain points of all the Management committee is whatever they do, they never get feedback for the same and it is not possible them to gather all the residents at a same place at the same time to conduct a survey with such a busy scheduled with every individual.

But now the Management committee can conduct surveys with iSocietymanager “Survey” Module & residents can voice their opinions on various topics and help the Managing Committee reach a consensus. Facility team can gather detailed feedback on any aspect related to the society. Surveys offer ultimate flexibility for Committee Members to carefully consider various opinions in the community.
Committees can create their own Forms and Questionnaires for any activity in the society such as data collection, detailed qualitative feedback on vendors, facility audit checklists, event registration forms and much more.

Administrators can create a Survey with a title, detailed description which will be presented to the survey respondents. While creating, admins can also select the respondent category such as owners, residents or admins and set dates for survey validity.

Once the survey is created, admins can proceed to add any number of questions to the survey. Questions can be of different types such as multiple choice questions, text based questions and the user can be asked to select only one or more among the options provided. Questions can also be marked if it is mandatory to answer them before proceeding to next questions.

Once all questions are added, admin can launch/publish the survey for members to respond to along with an expiry date for the poll. Respondents can answer the survey questions, go back and modify them before finally submitting them. Admins can view the response reports when they wish when the survey is in progress and also download the response summary as excel.

So What are you waiting for? Let’s start your first survey!


What is Survey in iSocietyManager?

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