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Advanced Inventory Management System for Facility Companies, Commercial Real Estate, Warehouses & Residential Premises

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Highly Maintain Cost

Not able to Track Inventory?

When You are responsible for Customer Satisfaction, Are you?

  • Always worried if the most important Item is available?
  • Confused and wanted to make more planned decision about your material and items?
  • Worried about how to manage transfers, returns in multiple warehouses?

Losing track of Minimum Stock Level, Reorder Level, Max Stock Level, Minimum Order Quantity, Available Stock, Dead Stock, Batch Tracking.

We have just the Right Solution For you

We understand that manual inventory system leads to loss of effort and money.

Digital Your Inventory Management

Facility Management Company:

Maybe you are an FM or Security Company always look for delighting your customers with items availability and want to enhance productivity in operations. Now is the time to empower your team to make better and informed decisions.

Corporate Park or Office:

You are having multiple Tenants / Employees and looking forward to get the goods and items at the earliest Now is the time to digitize your Inventory Management System.

Warehouse Company:

You are managing warehouses or stores and supply the items across multiple locations Now is the time to make Cloud based Inventory Management System part of your operations.

RWA or Residential Society:

You are working towards a better resident experience with limited staff. With no efficient system for Inventory Management, You are not able to track Items which are most active or which are going to expire soon. You want to keep track of all purchases, received and issued. Now is the time to digitize your Inventory Management Process

kaizen facility operation

Inventory Management System - Overview

We have helped many clients to improve their Inventory Management Process.

How can we get started?

Make reliable and informed decisions based on real time analytics 3 easy steps.


Register your self


Configure Warehouse, Item Categories and Workflow.


Add your team, and Items. You are ready to go.

If you are ready to take your inventory management to next level, Factech is here to help you.

Key Performance Indicator

% of Inventories below threshold

  • Most Active Stock

  • Stock Expiring in next 90 Days

  • % of Dead Stock

  • Low Stock Items

  • Vendor Performance for Inventory Categories

  • Pending Issues and Purchases

Get Control of your Inventories with Automated Online System

Inventory Management Features

Manage your inventories and Warehouse like never before!

  • Manage multiple sites and Warehouses

  • Items tagging with Bar code or QR Code.

  • Manage Returns, Transfers, Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ), of Items.

  • Minimum Stock, Maximum Stock, Reorder Level Stock, Expiring Stock Alerts.

  • Integrated with Purchase & Vendor Management System.

  • Batch or Lot Tracking with Bin #

  • Workflow customisable for Approvals, Reminders, Purchase, Issues.

Features of a good Inventory Management System

Delight your Customers / Tenants / Occupants/ Residents

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