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Improve your Collections. Generate Recurring , Adhoc Bills Accurately with Single Click. More than 100 Clients in Corporate Parks, Shopping Malls, Offices & Residential Complexes

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Billing Software

Do you have Flexibility to offer different Charge Rates for Different Periods?

When You are responsible for Customer Satisfaction, Are you?

  • Always worried about if the Bill is Accurate and On Time?
  • E-Invoices , IRN QR Codes not generated automatically on B2B bills?
  • Confused and wanted to make more planned decision about Billing Rates, Dues?
  • Worried about Loss due to missed Delayed Payment Charge?

Losing track of Payment Collection, Outstanding Dues, Tax Compliances can hamper your ability to make the right decisions.

We have just the Right Solution For You

We understand that incorrect and untimely Billing leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Delayed Charge Interst Rate Calculation

We helped Corporate Park to increase their Collection

More than 30 Lacs Collection Increased in First Year of Implementation


Digital Your Billing Process

Corporate Park:

You are having multiple Tenants / Employees and looking forward to improve your Maintenance, Electricity, Rent, Lease, Collection Now is the time to digitize your Billing System.

Real Estate Company:

Maybe you are an Real Estate and always look for delighting your tenants and want to be a leader in tenant experience. Now is the time to empower your team to make better and informed decisions.

Software as a Solution Provider:

You are providing solutions to your customer through Subscription. With no efficient Billing System, you are spending lot of effort to do accurate billing and take care of Promotions and Discounts Now is the time to Advanced and Customized Billing System in your existing Portal to automate the whole Billing Process.

RWA or Residential Society:

You are working towards a better resident experience with limited staff. With no efficient system for CAM, Electricity and other Adhoc Billing, You are not able to track Invoice Aging and not getting complete control over your Collections. Now is the time to digitize your Billing Process.

Billing Software

Recurring Billing Software - Overview

We have helped more than 100 clients to improve their Billing Process.

How can we get started?

Make reliable and informed decisions based on real time analytics and financial data in 3 easy steps.


Register your self


Choose your Bill Plans, Bill Formats and Tariffs.


Add your team, and Customers. You are ready to go.

If you are ready to take your customer experience to next level, Factech is here to help you.

Recurring Billing Software for Subscription Based Billing

Your Advanced E-Invoice Billing System Just a Phone Call Away

Benefits of Online Billing Software

  • Access from Anywhere Anytime. Mobile App for Tenants and Management
  • Automatic generation of e-invoice bills with IRN QR Code attached
  • Customized Bill Formats and Configurable Tarrif and Payment Rules
  • Integrated with Your ERP and Auto Posting. Smart Meter Integration for Utility Billing

Empower your team for Peace Of Mind, Informed

Benefits of Recurring Billing Software for Shopping Malls

Billing & Payment Collection

  • Automatic Payment Reminders to the Occupants.

  • Admin can see the Bill Preview to mitigate any wrong bill.

  • ERP Integration like - Tally and SAP, to automate the posting of bills and receipts to prevent human errors and time.

  • Automatic Reading from your Smart Meters.for Utilities Billing.

  • Cheque Parking and Cheque Bounce Handling.

  • Transfer Unit Ownership taken care with very Simple interface.

  • Occupants can pay their bills online. QR Based Zero Convenience Online Payment

  • Charge Wise Adjustment / Arrear and Advance Charge handlinge.

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