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Not able to Track Complaints?

When You are responsible for Customer Satisfaction, Are you?

  • Always worried about which complaint is escalated and who is working on that?
  • Confused and wanted to make more planned decision about staff allocation?
  • Worried about your staff performance and which type of Complaints are more frequent ?

Losing track of Complaints SLA, Priority, can hamper your ability to make the right decisions.

We have just the Right Solution For you

We understand that manual complaint system leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Digital Your Complaint Management

Facility Management Company:

Maybe you are an FM and always look for delighting your tenants and want to be a leader in tenant experience. Now is the time to empower your team to make better and informed decisions.

Corporate Park or Office:

You are having multiple Tenants / Employees and looking forward to close their services requests at the earliest Now is the time to digitize your Service Management System.

Internet Based Solution Provider:

You are providing solutions to your customer through Internet. It can be Cloud Based, Software as a Service ( Saas) or Web Portals where you serve customers by your Software Solution. With no efficient online Helpdesk System, you are not able to take right decisions about the areas where customer is expecting more support Now is the time to Plug Complaint Management System in your existing Portal.

RWA or Residential Society:

You are working towards a better resident experience with limited staff. With no efficient system for Complaint Management, You are not able to track Complaints SLA and your Staff Performance. Now is the time to digitize your Complaint Mangement System.

kaizen facility operation

We have helped more than 100 clients to improve their Complaint Management Process.

How can we get started?

Make reliable and informed decisions based on real time analytics and staff performance in 3 easy steps.


Register your self


Configure Complaint Categories and Escalation Levels.


Add your team, and Customers. You are ready to go.

If you are ready to take your customer experience to next level, Factech is here to help you.

IVR Based Helpdesk System

Your Advanced Helpdesk Just a Phone Call Away

Benefits of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Helpdesk

  • 24 * 7 Human Less Helpdesk System
  • Call Automatically Logged into the System through Phone Call
  • Fully Automatic with Sacalable upto 10 concurrent Calls Handling

Boost Your Brand with 24* 7 Automated Helpdesk Ticketing System

Helpdesk / Complaint Management Features

Manage your complaints like never before! IVR enabled

  • Complaint get automatically assigned to the Staff based on slots and open complaints, Staff Leaves/ Work Slots configurable.

  • Customer can raise complaint 24*7 through Web, Mobile App and IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Management can track their Staff Performance and take better decisions.

  • Complaint Escalation Levels to keep track of escalations.

  • Complaint Reporting Analytics , Graphs and Charts.

  • Automatic Job Cards and OTP for Complaint logging by staff.

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Features of a good complaint Management System

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